Taste can very subjective when it comes to selecting eye-catching SPS corals for a reef tank. For me, I am an old school reefer and today I tend to stay away from the over-priced corals with a lot of hype and buzz. You know, the ones that look almost too good to be true thanks to Photoshop. I dig SPS with vivid colors that can stand out without the help of a lot of blue light. So with all of that in mind, here are my…….

Top 5 SPS Corals

  1. Oregon Blue Tort – The blue color of a “true” Oregon Blue Tort is so vivid it makes you wonder whether it was injected with an artificial blue pigment. Mother nature has blessed this coral and thus it is much sought after by SPS collectors. It tops my list.
  2. Tyree Purple Monster – The Purple Monster is an extremely SLOWWWWWWW grower and is a very demanding coral to keep. It typically has white polyps with very dense and thick branches. The Purple Monster is one of those original old school corals and today it can be hard to come by. It’s a must have for me due to its intense deep purple coloration. I love this coral so much I could rank it as my #1.
  3. ORA Pearlberry – This coral has purplish tips, greenish corallites and a gorgeous pearlescent coloration on the branches. The larger pieces I had in my old 225 gallon tank just seemed to glow, emitting new colors every time I looked at them.
  4. Tyree Icefire Echinata – This one is up there in terms of being a must have for many SPS enthusiasts. What’s not to like? It has bright blue tips that contrast beautifully with cream-colored branches.
  5. Unique Corals Original Strawberry Shortcake – This coral was introduced to US reef keepers by Unique Corals back in 2009 at MACNA. Among all of the Shortcakes out there today, this is one of the most striking, with a greenish body and bright pink tips and polyps.

So there you have it, my Top 5 SPS corals.



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