Peninsula Tank Build – Cycling The Tank

Good old live rock is not so easy to find these days but there are a couple of places that do sell aquacultured rock. I […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Going Bare Bottom

I have never had a bare bottom reef tank but that is going to change with this new aquarium. Why, well, strong flow is very important for SPS since it helps to […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Aquascaping

Minimalistic aquascapes have become very popular today and I am certainly a fan of some of the Negative Space Aquascapes folks have created using dry […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Live Rock or Dry Rock?

For years I had always started my reef tanks with live rock and had great success. Live rock comes with a good population of bacteria and you can cycle […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Tank Plumbing

When I setup plumbing for a reef tank I have two things in mind. Make if fail safe over the long haul and design something to make tank maintenance easier.


Hard […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Royal Exclusiv Dreambox

The sump I chose for my new 225 gallon peninsula tank is a Royal Exclusiv Dreambox. It is made out of PVC and is bullet proof.  I like investing in high-end […]

Peninsula Tank Build – The Custom Aquarium

The largest tank I have ever owned was a 225 gallon aquarium that measured 72”L x 30”W x 24”T. It seemed like a big tank and I was not gung-ho about going […]

Peninsula Tank Build – The Custom Stand

In regards to aquarium stands, my preference in terms of the look is wood. Two main choices exist with this material. You can go with 100% wood or […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Moving The Tank Into the House

There is always a lot of tension building up inside me leading up to the day a large tank is moved into my house. Multiple parties are typically involved and […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Road Trip

I live about six hours from Coast To Coast Custom Aquariums in New Jersey so it is a long trip down and back to pick up a tank, especially when you do it in […]