What’s Up With My Fish?

It has been about 7 months since I rebooted my 187 gallon reef tank and I want to provide a video update on the fish in the tank. At this point I have 23 fish and they are doing pretty well. Here is the list:

1 Purple Tang
1 Yellow Tang
1 Sailfin Tang
3 Pajama Cardinalfish

Tank Tour: Mike Shur’s 280 Gallon Reef

During my recent trip to New York I stopped in to visit another long-time reef keeping buddy, Mike Shur, to check out his amazing 280 gallon reef tank.


I believe the last time I saw Mike’s tank was nearly three years ago and boy has it grown into a spectacular reef tank! It is just loaded […]

How to Live Stream a Webcam to YouTube

Are you thinking about setting up a live webcam for your aquarium or something else you would like to broadcast or monitor in real time?  If so, read on!For years I have employed webcams to monitor my reef tanks while I was away from home.  They provide me with peace of mind when I am […]

Tank Tour: Joe Burger’s 270 Gallon Reef

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting an old reefing buddy, Joe Burger, who lives in Long Island, NY, to get a tour of his incredible 270 gallon reef tank.


Joe has had some legendary tanks in the past but his latest version is simply amazing. When I walked in to the living room I was just […]

Corals After Dark!

Every once in a while I break out my 3″ ReefBrite Tech LED Strip Light and have some fun placing it over my corals, giving me a radically different perspective of my tank. Here is some video of my SPS and LPS corals under this really cool and compact light fixture. So sit back and enjoy […]

Be Organized When Moving a Reef Tank

There are only a few things about the reef keeping hobby I dread and one of them is moving a tank. Oh boy…..what a pain! One of my most memorable tank moves was when my wife and I left the big city lights of New York City for the leafy suburbs of Westchester, New York.


At […]

ReefBum Tank Update – August 2017

I wanted to provide a long overdue update of my 187 gallon reef tank.  At the beginning of March I broke it down due to a lost battle with dinos and had the tank dry for a few weeks. I got rid of everything, fish and corals, and restarted the tank the end of April. […]

SPS Deep Dive – Acropora Lokani

One of my favorite corals of all time is the Acropora Lokani. This deepwater beauty has sturdy main branches that run horizontal with thin, small branches that shoot up. […]

Product Showcase – GHL Doser 2.1 SA

When I first started keeping reef tanks 20+ years ago I dosed a two part solution for calcium and alkalinity supplementation. I figured out what I needed to add and dumped each solution in manually at different times […]

DIY Algae Reactors: A Risky Proposition

Many folks out there use DIY algae reactors for nutrient control and it can certainly be a money saving option. However, there are risks involved. Ok, full disclosure, I do sell Pax Bellum ARID algae reactors and I do use one on my 187 gallon reef tank.  Nonetheless, the information I am about to pass […]