Peninsula Tank Build – Project Kick-off

Whenever I get the itch to start up a new tank I begin to think about where it can go in the house. I weigh the practicality of various locations and then I start to […]

Rappin’ With ReefBum – SPS Masters Series

I am really excited about my next three guests on Rappin’ With ReefBum! This Sunday (11/1) at 7P EST I have the pleasure of welcoming Adam Dickerson from Battlcorals. Adam is one of the most […]

Can You Have Too Much Coral in a Reef Tank?

Is it possible to have too much coral in a reef tank? You bet. Certain SPS colonies in my 187 gallon tank have become way  […]

How to Keep SPS Coral Part 4: Testing Your Aquarium

Today there are a few options available for keeping tabs on how a tank is doing. Perhaps the most common method is to use hobby-grade test kits like those from […]

How to Keep SPS Coral Part 3: Selection & Placement

One key to keeping an eye catching SPS dominated reef is to plan ahead and think about what the reef might look like in a year or two when it matures. Do your […]

How to Keep SPS Coral Part 2: Aquascaping & Planning Ahead

When I started out in this hobby many years ago I have to admit I was clueless when it came to properly aquascaping a […]

How to Keep SPS Coral Part 1: Testing, Lighting, and Flow

SPS or small polyp stony corals are typically found in the shallow parts of our world’s coral reefs in areas with intense light and turbulent water. These corals […]

How to Live Stream With an Elgato Cam Link 4K Video Card

I have done a lot of live streaming over the years to share video of my 187 gallon fish tank and in doing so I have used several different video capture […]

Doser Pump Maintenance Tips

Equipment maintenance is very important and I really try to be diligent and keep up with it. If you let it slide then breakdowns or malfunctions are […]

Tips on How to Remove Detritus

In the reef keeping hobby the word ‘detritus’ is a dirty word, literally. Detritus is dead organic matter such as fragments of dead organisms or fish […]