Dosing Bacteria to an Established Reef Tank – Potential Benefits

Years ago when I started to keep reef tanks the only bacteria on my radar were nitrifying bacteria. The goal after cycling a tank was to have a healthy population […]

Taking Inventory of the Frag Tank

Growing out SPS to cultivate frags can be both a rewarding as well as a frustrating experience. Most of my farmed Acros have thrived while a few have sputtered. Quit frankly, it is a mystery to me as to why a few have been dormant. But that is part of the game, I guess. I […]

SPS Deep Dive – Crayola Plana

I am a big fan of tabling Acropora and one classic I dig is the Crayola Plana. This Acropora plana has a cream colored base, purple tips and green polyps. It is a beautiful mix of contrasting colors, worthy of its Crayola Crayon nickname.


The Crayola plana sports thin, dense branches and can exhibit a lot […]

10 Handy Household Items For a Reef Tank

Most of the equipment and supplies used for a reef tank are purchased at a local fish store (LFS) or an online aquarium supply store. But what about shopping at a grocery store or hardware store? Yes, these types of stores stock plenty of handy household items for a reef tank. Here are some products […]

Nothing Good Happens Fast in a Reef Tank

Perhaps you have heard the saying that nothing good happens fast in a reef tank. It is so true. Patience is a key ingredient for success in this hobby, on a number of […]

Top 10 Tips For Glueing PVC Pipe

Whether you use PVC pipe for a fish tank or another application, there are certain best practices you can follow when glueing it to achieve the best results.
Why I use PVC
When setting up a reef tank I like to hard plumb the tank to the sump with PVC pipe instead of using flexible tubing. If […]

SPS Deep Dive – Jackson’s Rainbow Tenuis

These days rainbow Acropora tenuis are very popular among SPS collectors. Many of these corals are shown under blue lights to highlight their florescent […]

Top 5 Most Underrated (and CHEAP) SPS Corals

There are SO many SPS corals to choose from these days and many are being sold at ridiculously high prices. Sorry, but I can’t justify paying a few […]

What to Dose For SPS? Supplements, Additives & Coral Food

You can ask successful reefkeepers what they dose for SPS in terms of supplements, additives and coral food […]

5 Tips to Raise pH in a Reef Tank

An acceptable pH for a reef tank is between 7.8 and 8.5. However, I have found my SPS corals do better when pH is in the 8.1 to 8.5 range.


There are several reasons why pH might be […]