The Superman Montipora is one of the more popular encrusting montiporas due to its blue skin and red polyps, a striking contrast in colors. Mother Nature liked the combination of colors so much she produced another coral, the Reverse Superman Montipora, with the colors flip flopped. The red skin and blue polyps are certainly eye catching and make this coral a must have for any monti collector.


Reverse Superman Montipora


Similar to many encrusting Montipora, the Reverse Superman Montipora is a fast grower and will spread across pretty much any type of surface. You do have to be careful with placement since they can be aggressive and are capable of encrusting a large chunk of a reef’s main rock structure if given the opportunity. I like to attach them to a piece of rock on the sand bed to keep them from overtaking my reef, although I have seen them spread on the sand! This is actually an added benefit since it makes it easier to frag the coral due to the thin layer of skin that forms on top of the sand.


In general encrusting Montiporas are relatively easy to keep and are always a good choice for beginners just starting out with SPS. I also like to add them to a new SPS tank as starter corals to make sure they thrive before I had more demanding SPS corals.


The Reverse Superman Montipora and encrusting montis in general do well when exposed to moderate lighting and flow. As mentioned, I like to keep encrusting Montiporas at the bottom and they have always received enough PAR in that location under 400W bulbs. They will also do fine when they receive enough light from T5s and LEDs.



Overall, the Reverse Superman Montipora is a beautiful edition to any reef tank and I count myself as one of the big fans of this coral.


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