The Tyree Pink Lemonade is one of those “classic” SPS corals that is highly sought after by many SPS collectors. It has beautiful contrasting colors with bright pink polyps and lemon yellow colored branches.


It is considered an “expert” level coral, requiring good water quality and stable parameters. It does well with medium to high lighting and good flow. In terms of placement, this coral will be happy in the middle to upper part of a tank.


Tyree Pink Lemonade


Originally, the coral was named the Lime Green Acro but it was eventually changed to the Pink Lemonade Acropora. At one point Atlantis Aquarium also called it Shades of Fall so for a while there were two different names for the same coral. However, it is believed Atlantis found a different but similar coral and used the Shades of Fall name for the variant. More details on the history of the coral are available on the reeffarmers website.


So if you are looking to add a unique and beautiful designer coral then give serious consideration to the Pink Lemonade. It is a must have for the serious stick head collector!



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