When I plan out a SPS reef I always put a lot of consideration into adding pieces with bright, contrasting colors. I like to cover the entire spectrum with sticks that are bright pink, deep purple, intense blue, blood red, neon green, orange and yellow. Some pieces might be considered a rare “designer” coral such as a Tyree Purple Monster while others might be more common or “pedestrian” such as a Stylophora.


But if you like bright colors in your SPS reef tank, as I do, then you should seriously consider adding an Orange Setosa to your collection. The Setosa is a Montipora, one of the easiest SPS species to keep, with vivid and intense orange coloration. At one point a few years ago it was a rare and “hot” coral but today it is more readily available.


In my experience this Montipora prefers low to medium light and is happiest in the bottom half of a tank with medium flow. The bright orange coloration will become less intense and, in some cases, the coral will turn pinkish when exposed to more intense lighting.


Orange Montipora Setosa


A Setosa is a moderate to fast grower with an encrusting base and branches that grow and fuse together in peculiar patterns (the amount of flow it receives will impact growth patterns). It’s branches are delicate and thus prone to breakage, a good thing if you like to swap frags with friends! The Setosa also has few polyps, giving it a smooth texture.


Orange Montipora Setosa


Overall, the Setosa has many appealing attributes and is a solid choice for both experts and beginners. Give it a shot the next time you are considering some new SPS additions. Come on, how can you go wrong with a retina burning, bright orange coral? It should be a requirement for all of you Denver Bronco fans out there. Heck, I like to put it near an Oregon Blue Tort…….orange and blue…..go NY Mets!


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Happy reef keeping!