ORA produces some pretty sweet aquacultured corals and I have had many in my tanks over the years, including the ORA Red Planet (add link), ORA Pearlberry (add link) and ORA Hawkins (add link).


If you are a Montipora capricornis or “cap” lover then you will want to check out ORA’s Supernatural Cap. I recently had a chance to see this coral in person and it is stunning to say the least. It has either a purple, dark green or brown base with super bright neon green polyps, quite a contrast in colors and appropriately named given its resemblance to a constellation of stars.


ORA Supernatural Cap


This coral grows much thicker than other plating Montiporas and, similar to other montis, is one of the easier SPS to keep. It requires medium to high lighting and will do fine under T5s, metal halides and LEDs. The coral can be placed anywhere in the tank but, like any cap, caution is required since caps can grow quickly and shade out neighboring corals below.


The ORA Supernatural Cap is a peaceful coral and will not harm other corals it comes in contact with. As for circulation, moderate to strong flow is recommended.



ORA describes this coral as its most “exceptional” Capricornis and it is easy to see why it is in high demand among serious SPS collectors. A must have cap in my book!


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