Back in 2008 AquaSD in San Diego was unpacking a shipment of corals and came across a stunning Acropora millepora that created quite a buzz among SPS enthusiasts. Frags of this coral, the AquaSD Rainbow Millie, started to spread around the reef keeping community, becoming a must have coral for many SPS collectors, especially among those who craved millies, like me 🙂


There are other corals today that generate much more buzz, and higher prices, but the AquaSD Rainbow Millie is certainly a worthwhile addition to any reef tank. It has neon green polyps that contrast beautifully with vivid orange corallites, which have more pronounced coloration near the tips of the coral’s branches.


AquaSD Rainbow Millie


Wicked Long Polyps

So what else is cool about this Acropora? The long polyp extension on the AquaSD Rainbow Millie creates a neat undulating effect in the current, setting it apart from other millies with smaller polyps. If you want some tips on how to maximize polyp extension on this coral or any other coral, you can read this article on the topic.


As for placement, this coral does well near the top of a tank since it prefers a lot of light and high flow. They can be fast growers so it is best to give a frag a lot of room to spread its wings over time.



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