The Acropora florida is a staghorn coral with thick branches that are typically brown or cream colored, although occasionally they are bright green. Some of the main branches of this shallow water coral might be fused and the top branches can flatten out, giving it a unique, bonsai tree look versus other stags.


A. florida require moderate to strong lighting and will do fine when given the proper PAR under T5s, metal halides and LEDs.


Acropora Florida


As for placement, it will do well in the middle to upper part of the tank where it should receive medium to strong flow. A happy A. florida will grow rapidly so it is important to keep that in mind since it can shade out and encroach on neighboring corals.


The bright green morph is striking to say the least but, like all A. florida, it is demanding and will only thrive when the proper calcium (400-440 ppm), alkalinity (8-9 dkh) and magnesium levels (1300-1400 ppm) are maintained. It is best to have some success with other hardier SPS before giving this one a try.


I am a stag lover so forgive me if I am biased about endorsing this shallow water gem. The shape is really cool and the bright green strain will knock your socks off!



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