$500 for a frag? Well, today there are a number of frags out there fetching this price but years ago this sort of price point was not as common. An exception was the $500 Efflo.


According to reeffarmers, the original owner of this Acropora efflorescens did not want to part with the coral since it had turned a beautiful purple color under his care. Everything has a price and ultimately it was put up for sale at $500 and purchased in 2004 by Steve Weast, a master reef tank aquarist in Portland, Oregon.


The colony didn’t make it but frags cut before Steve had it survived and over the years this much sought after piece found it’s way into the reef keeping community via online retailers and hobbyists. The name stuck but fortunately for budget conscious reefers the price did drop.

Unique Pattern

This old school coral grows out into a flat plate and has a distinct growth pattern, with little nodules or tips coming out of the plate. The nodules are purple and they sport light green polyps, presenting a nice contrast in color.


$500 Efflo


As for lighting, this coral seems to color up more under strong lighting so the more PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) it gets the better. However, you do have to be careful when placing this coral since it can easily shade out corals underneath it due to its horizontal growth pattern.


Regarding circulation, strong flow is also an important ingredient for success, a common need for many SPS.


In a nutshell, the $500 Efflo is a beautiful and unique coral that is much more affordable today then its name suggests. It is one of my favs so give it a try the next you are looking to add a new frag.


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