Years ago when I first entered the hobby I was mesmerized by a giant blue clam at a LFS. It was about 5 inches and I had never seen a blue clam with that type of pattern. I was told it was a Blue Squamosa clam, considered at the time to be the holy grail of clams. It was not for sale and even it if was I never would have been able to afford the price tag for such a rare gem.


Nonetheless, I was hooked on clams and always kept a few in my tanks over the years, including a hard to find Blue Teardrop Maxima I acquired about eight years ago. Yes, this type of clam was also pricey at the time but it was not in the same stratosphere as a Blue Squamosa.


Blue Teardrop Maxima Clam, Blue Maxima Clam, Squamosa Clam


Blue Teardrop Maxima Clam


Interestingly, I have not seen any Blue Teardrop Maximas recently so perhaps today they would be considered the holy grail of clams versus the Blue Squamosa, which have become more readily available today as aquacultured specimens.

Squamosa Growth Rates and Patterns

Squamosa clams are fast growers and grow larger then Maxima clams. The most common types of Squamosa are brown and beige in color with gold and white markings. The rare ones sport purple and blue coloration. Squamosa clams have very large scutes on the sides of their shells and these scutes are larger and more widely spaced then what are found on Maximas.


Squamosa like light so it is a good idea to have them in a tank with strong lighting such as metal halides, T5s or LEDs. Light is their primary source of food but like all clams they also take in nutrients from the water. Fish poop is a great source of nutrients and some folks do use filter foods as a supplement, although this isn’t necessary.


Blue Squamosa Clam


If you are a clam lover you will certainly want to consider adding a Blue Squamosa to your collection. You will be hard pressed to find a large one but the small aquacultured ones available today are beautiful and will grow fast and become a true centerpiece.



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