During my twenty plus years keeping reef tanks I have usually had a pair of clownfish in my display. I just love them. Not only are they colorful, but they can exhibit some really cool behavior when they host a coral and/or mate and lay eggs.


As I detailed in an earlier blog post, designer clownfish provide reefkeepers with some beautiful options to choose from, with their striking patterns and coloration.

MochaVinci  Clownfish – A Special Blend

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to pick up a mated pair of MochaVinci Clownfish, a strain bred by Sea & Reef.  According to Sea & Reef, they created the MochaVinci Clownfish by breeding their jet Black Ocellaris Clownfish with their DaVinci Ocellaris Clownfish. The pairing produced a fish with a swirly white pattern and golden/black coloration, a combination that is easy on the eyes, at least my eyes!


MochaVinci Clownfish


Sea & Reef has produced both Grade A and Grade B MochaVinci Clownfish. The Grade A strain has at least two connected stripes on each side of it’s body while the Grade B strain has stripes that are not connected or connected on one side only. I believe my pair are Grade A but I am not an expert at ID’ing and grading extreme clownfish.  For a closer look you can check out this video.


Recommended Food

Overall, MochaVinci Clownfish and other varieties of clownfish are very hardy, peaceful and willing to accept a wide variety of food, including pellets (I have used New Life Spectrum Thera A, Coral Frenzy 1mm Reef Pellets and PE Mysis Pellets ), PE Mysis frozen shrimp and Larry’s Reef Frenzy. Hunt some down and give them a try the next time you are thinking about adding some clowns to your tank.



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Happy reef keeping!