Reef tank hobbyists have benefited greatly over the last few years as manufacturers now offer equipment that makes it much easier to filter and control the build up of excess nutrients. However, there is a downside to this benefit since many corals in a nutrient poor tank will not be happy and will require additional sources of food.


I have used supplemental feeds for corals in my reef tanks for years and a while ago I began to use the 1mm Reef Pellet product from Coral Frenzy to feed my LPS.


Coral Frenzy 1mm Reef Pellet


The pellet contains a variety of ingredients, including squid meal, herring meal and shrimp meal. All of the ingredients can be found on the product label.


When I feed the product I turn all of my pumps off and use a turkey baster to target feed each coral. If the pumps are left on then it is advisable to turn off the skimmer. You can also mix the pellets with some tank water and pour it into a high flow area, a method your finned friends will certainly appreciate as this product is also meant for small fish. No matter which method you use, the feeding response is amazing!


Symphyllia Coral Feeding


The 70g jar can feed a tank for 2-3 months, although it depends on how much is used. You can do feedings 2X-3X per week, although Coral Frenzy recommends you go slow at the beginning to avoid overfeeding the tank. The 1mm Reef Pellets will stay fresh for 12 months if kept in a cool dry place and refrigeration will further extend the product’s shelf life.


Overall, my tank animals seem to really appreciated this product and I strongly recommend giving it a try!


For a closer look you can check out this video.




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Happy reef keeping!