A RODI system is an important piece of equipment for maintaining a healthy reef tank. It purifies water and limits problematic algae growth by removing such things as silicates, phosphates and nitrates. RODI systems also remove chlorine and other harmful elements such as heavy metals.


To run a RODI unit at an optimal level it is critical to have sufficient water pressure since low pressure can have a negative impact on the purity and output of the product water. If pressure is hovering in the 40 psi range or below, then strong consideration should be given to a booster pump.


A booster pump will increase water pressure going into the unit and result in higher production rates. The pump will also increase rejection performance of the RO membrane and improve water quality. In the long run, a more efficient RODI unit will translate into cost savings by extending cartridge life.


For more insight on booster pumps, please view my review and setup guide for a pump I installed on my Spectrapure RODI unit.




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