I wanted to provide a long overdue update of my 187 gallon reef tank.  At the beginning of March I broke it down due to a lost battle with dinos and had the tank dry for a few weeks. I got rid of everything, fish and corals, and restarted the tank the end of April.  With the reboot I decided to do a few things differently. First of all I got rid of my calcium reactor and replace it with 2 part from ESV. I just didn’t want to have the extra C02 in my system and I liked that I could do more precision dosing with two part. I did 2-part when I first starting keeping SPS reef tanks a long time ago so I sort of went back to my roots.

Opted For Live Rock Versus Dry Rock

I also decided to go with live rock versus dry rock since I just had one problem after another with the dry rock only tank. Besides the dinos, I had diatoms, a bad case of cyano and a couple of different bacterial blooms. Essentially, I just couldn’t grow SPS like I was used to.


Another thing I did differently was to ditch GFO and go with an ARID algae reactor from Pax Bellum.



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Happy reef keeping!