The Tyree Ultimate Blue Stag lives up to its name as one of the more beautiful staghorns available to SPS enthusiasts. It’s blue branches have polyps that range in color from baby blue to teal and the corallites can sport green edges depending on the lights used in the tank. Quite the color combination indeed.


According to, the coral was originally imported as a wild colony from Bali by Black Coral Hawaii and it was then acquired by Greg Caroroll of Southern California.


Tyree Ultimate Blue Stag


The Tyree Ultimate Blue Stag requires strong lighting and will do fine under T5s, metal halides and LEDs. As for placement, it is best to have it in the top half of a tank. I have mine right under a 400W 20,000K Radium bulb and it seems very content, growing at a good clip.


Moderate to strong circulation is recommended for optimal growth and it is also important to have good random flow (random flow replicates waves moving across a natural reef).  Overall, The Tyree Ultimate Blue Stag is a great edition to any SPS reef tank and is a must have for any stag lover!



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