If you are a stag collector then you will want a Tyree Lime in The Sky, an electric lime green staghorn that is much sought after by SPS collectors. I do favor stags since they can be fast growers, have far reaching branches and remind me of what you would see in a natural reef with fish swimming in and out of coral. Stags can also attract non-swimming fish. I used to have a HUGE Green Bali Slimmer (not uncommon for this coral) in my old 225 gallon tank and my Flame Hawkfish used to just plant itself up high and observe its domain below.


According to the Reeffarmers website, Greg Carroll of Southern California originally acquired this coral as a colony from Jeff’s Exotic of Gardena California. It is believed the coral was initially collected from the Solomon Islands.


This is a fast growing SPS when exposed to strong lighting but it will do just fine under more moderate lighting conditions. As for flow, it does best when exposed to strong or medium currents. Its branches are electric green with blue tips and it has a gorgeous contrasting blue base. The corallites and polyps sport a vivid lime green color.


Tyree Lime in The Sky


A must have stag in my book so the next time you are considering a new frag pick up a Tyree Lime in The Sky. Hey, I might even have one available in my SPS frag store. I have affordable hobbyist pricing and carry frags that are pest free and home grown from my 187 display tank.


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