One of my favorite SPS Corals is the ORA Hawkins, an oldie but a goodie from the ORA farm. I acquired one of these soon after it was released years ago and it grew like a weed in my old 225 gallon tank. It was just different from all other corals in my tank with its short, delicate branches and aqua/turquoise coloration.


The ORA Hawkins is a smooth skin coral and is thus a bit more sensitive to any fluctuations in water conditions than other SPS corals. As is true with other smooth skin SPS, caution should be used when dipping it to prevent pests such as Red Bugs or AEFW.


ORA Hawkins


As for placement, this coral will do well in the middle part of a tank but it can also be happy in the upper or lower part of a reef. The ORA Hawkins requires medium to high lighting and will do fine under T5s, metal halides and LEDs. Moderate to strong circulation is recommended for optimal growth.


Ok, so what about the name? Apparently it was named after Robert Hawkins, an ORA facility manager, who acquired the coral from Germany in 2006. ORA classified the coral as an Acropora echinata but it commonly gets confused with the Acropora turaki since both sport a similar color and bottlebrush shape. I have had the A. turaki as well so I guess it is no mystery I like the look of these corals!


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