What’s not to love about the Forest Fire Digitata? It is a colorful and fast growing coral with a really cool name.


In general, I am a big fan of SPS in the Montipora digitata family because they tend to be brightly colored and grow fast. I love to have solid, contrasting colors in my SPS dominant tanks and digis provide many options, with purple, pink, orange and green as the more common colors.


The fast growing digitatas can be aggressive and are capable of quickly overtaking a lot of real estate within a tank, choking out neighboring corals. I had a gorgeous Orange digi in my 225 gallon tank but it did require a lot of pruning. It grew so fast I had to sell colonies of the coral instead of frags!


Orange Digitatis


Orange Digitatas


Digitatas are essentially branching corals and the shape and thickness of the branches will vary depending on the amount of flow they receive. In terms of lighting, I have had success with digis in both low and high light areas of my tanks. Digitatas are generally hardy and are a good choice for folks who are just starting out with SPS.


Ok, getting back to the Forest Fire Digitata, it is unique due to its bright orange polyps and green body, a designer digitatas for sure. Other designer digis include the Pink Smoothie and Superman Digi and all are typically in high demand, as they usually command a premium price versus standard color digis.


Forest Fire Digitata


Typically, the Forest Fire Digitata will exhibit a deeper red color under lower light levels and they tend to do well with medium to high flow. Mine is a happy camper down near the bottom of my reef.


So if you are in the market for an easy to keep SPS that is easy on the eyes, go with a Forest Fire Digitata. It will add a spark to your tank 🙂 Hey, I might even have one available in my SPS frag store. I have affordable hobbyist pricing and carry frags that are pest free and home grown from my 187 display tank.



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Happy reef keeping!