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Latest Product News

Premium Frag Pack – $475

Pack includes a Tyree Icefire Encinata, Oregon Blue Tort, Jackson’s Rainbow Tenuis, Sexy Corals Orange Passion, Battlecorals Poorman’s Battlestag, Cali Tort and a Tyree Blue Matrix. Buy now »

New Additions

We just added some new frags to our store, including a Tyree Pink Lemonade, Kryptonite Tenuis and a Pearlberry Knockoff. Shop now »

Algae Reactor Products


Got Chaeto?

We harvest chaeto every week. Grab a one quart bag of clean chaeto for $40.

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Need Supplements?

Optimize your chaeto growth with Pax Bellum’s Nitrate/Molybdenum and Iron/Manganese supplements.

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GHL KH Director

The upkeep of Alkalinity is the most important aspect of reef keeping. If you’re looking to achieve exceptional coral growth, Alkalinity testing is a must!

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Happy Reef Keeping!

Keith Berkelhamer

ReefBum, LLC
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