A video-centric online store featuring premium aquacultured SPS frags is now live on Reefbum.com!


I have been a hobbyist for over 20 years and I have never been fully satisfied with the online shopping experience for SPS. Pictures of corals are not always representative of actual frags (can you say Photoshop!) and, quite frankly, they are one dimensional. What about video? Yes, online video is hugely popular yet it is hardly, if ever, used as a platform to sell SPS.


My goal is to change all of this by leaning heavily on full HD video and bring the online coral shopping experience to new heights. Specifically, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) video will be utilized in most instances to provide an accurate depiction of what is being sold.  Additionally, ultra close-up shots will be employed to give a whole new perspective on the health and well being of each frag.


Along with video, WYSIWYG photos as well as feature articles on many of the corals will be provided to empower shoppers and enable them to make informed buying decisions.


To further enhance the video buying experience, the ReefBum Frag Channel on YouTube was recently launched to serve as a central hub and video showcase for the SPS Frag Store on Reefbum.com.



Other reef tank videos, including my Live HD Webcam, how-to videos, reviews and in-depth features on SPS corals, can be found on the main ReefBum Youtube Channel.


In a nutshell, I have created this unique and innovative shopping experience to cater to you, the hobbyist.