Over the years, a kalk reactor has always been an integral part of my reef keeping setup.  I have used one to dose kalkwasser via my RODI top off to boost pH, which is lowered by my calcium reactor, and to augment my tank’s calcium and alkalinity levels.  I did have reliability issues with the one plumbed into my old 225 gallon system so I was on the lookout for a more solid and trustworthy unit for my new 187 gallon setup.


I did some homework and eventually settled on a My Reef Creations Nilsen (Kalk) Reactor. These reactors are available in small, medium and large sizes. I went with a medium, which has a footprint of 8-1/2 inches, 12 inches including the pump, and is 19-1/2 inches tall.


Essentially, this unit was designed to perform straight out of the box. This became obvious to me when I could not find any directions!  Anyway, one of the first things that grabbed my attention about this reactor was its build quality.  The mixing pump is a powerful and reliable Blue Line pump that is connected to the reactor via some sturdy Schedule 80 PVC pipe. There are also two unions that make it extremely easy to disconnect the pump for maintenance while the two fittings at the top make it simple to connect and disconnect the 1/4″ tubing coming into and out of the reactor. Either fitting can be used for the input or output.


The top of the unit has 8 nylon screws that make it easy to remove and attach the lid for changing out the kalkwasser.  Older versions of this unit had a touchpad controller to program on/off times for the pump to mix the kalk but this newer version was designed to be used with an aquarium controller.  A digital timer can be used if a controller is not available.


Overall, I have been very pleased with the reliability of this unit. It is easy to use and is certainly built to last.  For a closer look, you check out my video review and setup guide.




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Happy reef keeping!