How to Live Stream With an Elgato Cam Link 4K Video Card

I have done a lot of live streaming over the years to share video of my 187 gallon fish tank and in doing so I have used several different video capture […]

Best Camera For a Reef Tank?

Is there a clear choice out there for us reef keepers when it comes to finding the best camera for a reef tank? Recently, I did some extensive research while in the market for a new camera and I believe the camera I settled on, a Sony A7 iii, is ideal for aquarium hobbyists, especially […]

A Complete Guide to Live Streaming on Facebook & YouTube

Using a DSLR, Mirrorless Camera, GoPro or Professional Camcorder
I have a 187 gallon reef aquarium and every now and then I like […]

Tips on Macro Photography For Reef Tanks

Reef keeping is an art form and this art can be brought to life when using macro photography to expose the rich and infinite details in coral and other reef tank inhabitants. […]

SPS Corals: Up Close and Personal

A while ago I blogged about how you can shoot macro videos without a macro lens, providing a step by step guide on this neat procedure. Recently, I purchased a Blackmagic Design Video Assist Recorder  […]

How to Live Stream a Webcam to YouTube

Are you thinking about setting up a live webcam for your aquarium or something else you would like to broadcast or monitor in real time?  If so, read on!For years I have employed webcams to monitor my reef tanks while I was away from home.  They provide me with peace of mind when I am […]

Stream Live Video Underwater: New IceCap REEF-Cam!

Yes, you read that right. The IceCap REEF-Cam is supposedly the first underwater video camera capable of streaming a live feed from inside a fish tank. Now how about that! […]

How To Shoot Macro Video Without a Macro Lens

A few weeks ago I provided a step by step guide on how to use a Canon DSLR to stream live to Facebook. You can check out that out here.


I want to follow that up with a neat trick I learned while learning how to stream live to Facebook.


As many of you know, DSLR cameras have […]

Review – Avast Marine Top-Down Porthole, Extra Long

So you have a beautiful reef tank and you want to share it with friends, family and fellow reef keepers who might not have a chance to see the tank in person. Taking great pictures does take a different skill set and to do so there are some best practices one can follow to take […]