Tips For Keeping a Frag Tank Algae Free

Many reef keepers, including myself, utilize frag tanks to house corals propagated from colonies in a main display tank or to park corals that can’t […]

A UV Sterilizer For a Reef Tank?

Reef keepers have long debated whether the constant use of a UV sterilizer is helpful or harmful to a saltwater reef tank. In essence, a UV sterilizer has a UV bulb in a water tight compartment […]

Dosing Nitrates to Eliminate Cyano?

What? Dosing nitrates to get rid of cyano? A common piece of advice when battling Cyanobacteria or cyano is to lower nutrients since cyano can be fueled by high […]

How I Beat Dinoflagellates

Despite my best efforts to avoid an ugly phase with my new peninsula tank, one did pop up at the seventh month mark. I had dinos and the rock and bottom of the tank were engulfed by this nasty stuff.

My Battle with Dinoflagellates

How did the Outbreak Start?
Treating with UV
Siphoning Dinos + Blackout
Raising […]

Tank Crashes – A Part of Reef Keeping

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to keeping a successful captive reef tank and unfortunately a tank can go south in a hurry if one of those parts gets out of whack. Sometimes a tank crash is due to a mistake by the reef keeper while other times it is carelessness […]

How I beat Cyano

Cyano is a common pest that can rear its ugly head when excess nutrients are present. It is often referred to as a form of algae but it is actually a bacteria (cyano is short for cyanobacteria).


In most instances, the best remedy is to increase flow, siphon out what you can and abide by the […]

Will a 3 Day Black Out Eliminate Algae in a Reef Tank?

At some point in time there is a high probability a reef keeper will encounter problematic algae. Many times this will occur when a tank is young and does not have a fully […]

How To Eliminate and Prevent Diatoms in a Reef Tank

Ok, first of all, what are they? Well, diatoms are a brown algae that typically appear in a reef tank that has just completed its cycle but they can also appear in an established reef tank. They can cover sand, rock, pumps, glass, you name it. Diatoms look ugly but in most cases they are […]

The Trials & Tribulations of a Young Reef Tank

Starting and maintaining a successful reef tank is not an easy task, even for veterans of the hobby. There are many curveballs out there capable of bringing a reef keeper to their knees that can cause them to “cry uncle”, especially during the early part of a tank’s life.


For my latest tank I encountered a […]

Bayer Dip – Preventing Red Bugs and AEFW

Keeping a healthy and thriving reef tank is dependent on a lot of variables, including the prevention of pests. Thats right, just like in our natural oceans, parasites do make their way into our living room reefs. The most well known pests among those who keep SPS are Red Bugs and AEFW (Acro Eating Flatworms). […]