5 Tips to Raise pH in a Reef Tank

An acceptable pH for a reef tank is between 7.8 and 8.5. However, I have found my SPS corals do better when pH is in the 8.1 to 8.5 range.


There are several reasons why pH might be […]

When Is It The Right Time to Reboot a Reef Tank?

Sometimes it is obvious when it is necessary to reboot a reef tank but sometimes it is not. Let’s start with some obvious circumstances.


If a tank is […]

Fighting Problematic Algae With Chemicals – A Risky Proposition

What is a reef tank? In simple terms, it is an attempt to re-create a slice of the ocean in a home. These captive ecosystems contain fish, corals and […]

Tips on How to Prepare a Reef Tank Before Leaving on Vacation

Vacations are awesome but for a reef keeper they can be a bit stressful. I do get nervous before heading out to decompress away from home, especially […]

How to Reduce DOA’s When Ordering Livestock Online

When fish or corals are shipped via an overnight service, I am a BIG believer in having that livestock delivered to either a UPS or FedEx customer center. […]

Why Reef Keeping Has Become Harder

I have been tending to reef tanks for many, many years and in my view reef keeping has become harder.  How is this possible? Whether you agree or […]

Tips For Keeping a Reef Tank Cool

It is summer and time to keep an eye on the temperature of your reef tank. I like to keep my tanks in the 78 to 79 degree F range but during the summer months my tanks push 81 degrees […]

How To Setup a SPS Quarantine Tank

Acro Eating Flatworms (AEFW), Red Bugs and other parasitic pests are unwanted guests in a SPS dominant reef tank. They can severely impact the […]

Rappin’ With ReefBum – SPS Masters Series

I am really excited about my next three guests on Rappin’ With ReefBum! This Sunday (11/1) at 7P EST I have the pleasure of welcoming Adam Dickerson from Battlcorals. Adam is one of the most […]

Tips on How to Remove Detritus

In the reef keeping hobby the word ‘detritus’ is a dirty word, literally. Detritus is dead organic matter such as fragments of dead organisms or fish […]