Focus on Fish – Flame Hawkfish

The Flame Hawkfish is one of my all time favorite fish and I have always had one in my reef tank. Their body is a striking red color and they have a black stripe going down their back. Despite their striking coloration, they do look goofy since they are not great swimmers and have these […]

Focus on Fish – Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish

A Butterflyfish in a reef tank? Surely you jest. You see them all the time in videos and photos of natural reefs but fish in this family are typically housed in fish only with live rock […]

Focus on Fish – Masked Swallowtail Angelfish

So you have a reef tank and you also have an affinity for keeping marine angelfish, a potentially bad combination since many angelfish have a reputation for snacking on […]

Focus on Fish – Leopard Wrasse

Some reef keepers out there are considered wrasse guys or gals and feature as many of these beautiful creatures as they can in their reef tanks. I don’t consider myself to be a […]

What’s Up With My Fish?

It has been about 7 months since I rebooted my 187 gallon reef tank and I want to provide a video update on the fish in the tank. At this point I have 23 fish and they are doing pretty well. Here is the list:

1 Purple Tang
1 Yellow Tang
1 Sailfin Tang
3 Pajama Cardinalfish

Focus on Fish – MochaVinci Clownfish

During my twenty plus years keeping reef tanks I have usually had a pair of clownfish in my display. I just love them. Not only are they colorful, but they can exhibit some really cool behavior when they host a coral and/or mate and lay eggs.


As I detailed in an earlier blog post, designer clownfish […]

Focus on Fish – Regal Angelfish

A Regal Angelfish is a striking addition to any reef tank, standing out among other fish as one of the main attractions. They have bright orange/canary yellow bodies with beautiful blue accents and vertical white bars. Regals from the Red Sea and Maldives are more sought after due to their orange/yellow bellies versus those with grayish […]

Acclimating Fish to a Reef Tank

Minimizing stress is the name of the game when acclimating fish to a reef tank so it is important to follow some some basic rules to ensure fish have a healthy transition to their new environment. Step one is to equalize the temperature of the water in the bag with the temperature of the tank. […]

Banggai Cardinalfish Listed Under Endangered Species Act

The listing does not impact sales or ownership of the fish at this point but it could only be a matter of time before it does.  Here’s the full story.


If you are looking for additional insights and information, please explore my many other reef tank and SPS related articles as well as my book, A ReefBum’s Guide […]

Designer Clownfish

I love designer clownfish so when Sea & Reef recently announced a new designer clownfish I became intrigued.   The new strain, currently un-named, is striking with its distinctive panda-like black and white markings.



The release date for these beauties was supposed to be the Fall of 2015 but that was pushed back to grow out more of […]