Doser Pump Maintenance Tips

Equipment maintenance is very important and I really try to be diligent and keep up with it. If you let it slide then breakdowns or malfunctions are […]

GHL Pushes Back Delivery of ION Director to Fall, But Announces Enhancements

Well, all good things come to those who wait and unfortunately the wait will be a bit longer for those who pre-ordered […]

CoralVue Releases New IceCap 4K Gyre Flow Pump

CoralVue Aquarium Products has released the IceCap 4K Gyre Flow Pump as well as a 2K model, the latest versions of its Gyre pump. According to […]

GHL Announces Big Update To Profilux 4 Controller

GHL has announced a very big update to the firmware for its Profilux 4 Controller. The update, which was in the […]

How To Setup a DIY Refugium

During my many years as a reef keeper I never used a refugium on one of my tanks, never. When I first entered the hobby I used Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) to keep phosphates in check and […]

Why Strong Circulation is Important for SPS

A key factor to keeping a thriving SPS dominated reef tank is having a lot of water movement and there are a number of reasons why strong circulation is […]


If you have an advanced aquarium setup that requires some complicated wiring to connect it to a power source, then the GHL Powerhub-6D-PAB should certainly be considered. GHL, a company that is […]

GHL Releases More Details About ION Director

GHL has just announced more details about the much anticipated release of the ION Director, its latest automated monitoring and control device. […]

The Benefits of a Remote Sump

It takes a lot of equipment to run a thriving SPS reef tank and that makes it a challenge to fit everything underneath a tank stand. My first reef tank was in an apartment in New York City and I labored to squeeze everything into that confined space. It was a rented apartment so my […]

How To Avoid a Skimming Disaster With a Float Switch

I am a big fan of preparing for the worst when it comes to keeping a reef tank and I constantly think about ways to prevent […]