What to Dose For SPS? Supplements, Additives & Coral Food

You can ask successful reefkeepers what they dose for SPS in terms of supplements, additives and coral food […]

DIY Homemade Fish Food

For a number of years I have been feeding fish in my reef tank prepared food from a coral and fish food manufacturer. It is high quality stuff and certainly very easy to feed. Crack off a […]

Coral Frenzy Reformulates Powder and Pellet Food

Coral Frenzy has improved its popular line of coral food by reformulating both the powder and pellet feeds. One reason behind the change was to improve […]

Product Showcase: Easy Reefs Masstick Fish Food

Marine fish on natural reefs are always in the feed mode, as they hunt down food in the water column or pick for food on live rock as they swim in and around the reef. Many fish in a captive reef tank will typically not do this, as they consume most of their food in concentrated […]

Coral Frenzy Product Showcase – 0.5mm Reef Pellet

Over the last couple of months I have provided overviews for two of the three products sold by Coral Frenzy, their Ultimate Coral Food and 1mm Reef Pellet. In this article I […]

Coral Frenzy Product Overview – The Ultimate Coral Food

For those of you following my blog and Youtube channel you know I am a believer in giving corals something to chow down on to promote their health and well being. Yes, a reef tank […]

Coral Frenzy Product Overview – 1mm Reef Pellet

Reef tank hobbyists have benefited greatly over the last few years as manufacturers now offer equipment that makes it much easier to filter and control the build up of excess nutrients. […]

Product Overviews: Oyster-Feast & Phyto-Feast

In a captive reef aquarium both LPS and SPS corals require nutrition to thrive. In my SPS dominated reefs I have always had a lot of fish and relied on fish poop as a source of nutrition to improve SPS growth and coloration. To further supplement the diets of my corals, I have also used […]