A Reef in a Rubbermaid? Why its Important to Keep Live Rock Alive

Is it possible to keep live rock and have a captive reef in a Rubbermaid tub? Yes, maybe and no ūüôā It all depends on the […]

Sand Bed or Bare Bottom?

There are a number of healthy debates in the hobby and one of the more popular ones is whether or not to go with a¬†live sand bed¬†or bare bottom in a reef tank. Folks in the bare bottom camp like the fact that they can easily siphon off detritus (dead organic matter such as fragments […]

How to Start a Reef Tank With Live Rock

Live rock is a great way to quickly bring a new reef tank online since it typically comes teaming with life, including beneficial […]

How I Hit The Live Rock Mother Lode!

I was down in Florida on vacation for a few days and I had an opportunity to visit a LFS in Orlando, Florida and cherry pick some Haitian live rock for my reef tank reboot.  It was nothing short of the mother lode of live rock! Check out what happened!



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Reef Tank Tip – Resist The Urge to Submerge

There are a number of best practices for reefkeeping and one of the bigger ones in my book is to try and minimize the amount of time I put my hands in the tank. I consider myself a perfectionist and when I started to keep reefs I was always looking at my tanks and tinkering […]

Aquascaping With Marco Rocks Dry Rock

When I set out to build my new reef I knew I wanted to replicate the look I had in my former 225 gallon tank. ¬†It had two islands and was off the back wall a few inches so there was plenty of room¬†for water to circulate in and around the reef. ¬†It was also¬†aesthetically […]

Dry Rock vs Live Rock – Which One to Choose?

During my twenty years keeping reef tanks I have always used live rock to start my tanks. However, more reef keepers today are going with dry rock so I decided to give it a shot and use it for my latest 187 gallon reef tank.


Pros and cons exist for both options.¬†Fully cured live rock comes with […]

Reef Aquascaping – Less is More for Reef Tanks

I have to admit that I was clueless when I set out to design my first aquascape with live rock. The “wall” of rock I put together with that first 90 gallon reef tank seemed like a good idea at the time but the stacked and unstable structure led me to fiddle with it numerous […]