DIY Homemade Fish Food

For a number of years I have been feeding fish in my reef tank prepared food from a coral and fish food manufacturer. It is high quality stuff and certainly very easy to feed. Crack off a […]

5 Money Saving Reef Tank Tips During COVID-19

These are obviously very difficult times and many, many people are already feeling the pinch financially or will be […]

Identify Your Weakest Link…and Strengthen It

There is a saying out there that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In literal terms, this means the strength of a chain is limited to that of the weakest link in the chain, even if


GHL Announces Big Update To Profilux 4 Controller

GHL has announced a very big update to the firmware for its Profilux 4 Controller. The update, which was in the […]

Coral Frenzy Reformulates Powder and Pellet Food

Coral Frenzy has improved its popular line of coral food by reformulating both the powder and pellet feeds. One reason behind the change was to improve […]

Tips For Keeping a Frag Tank Algae Free

Many reef keepers, including myself, utilize frag tanks to house corals propagated from colonies in a main display tank or to park corals that can’t […]

How To Setup a DIY Refugium

During my many years as a reef keeper I never used a refugium on one of my tanks, never. When I first entered the hobby I used Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) to keep phosphates in check and […]

EcoTech Releases Radion G5 LEDs

EcoTech Marine has finally released the Radion G5 LED light fixture. According to EcoTech, Generation 5 includes the most […]

ReefBum Launches Reef Keeping Master Class

ReefBum, LLC is announcing the launch of a unique and one of a kind educational tool to help reef aquarium […]

TRITON Announces New US Lab at Unique Corals

As of this week, reef keepers in the United States can now have their water tested at a new TRITON Lab located at […]