I have been keeping reef tanks for about twenty years so it is safe to say that I have a love affair with the activity. It is in my blood. A couple of years ago I took a break and broke down my last 225 gallon tank right before Hurricane Sandy hit the New York tri-state area.


ReefBum's 225 Gallon Reef Tank

My 225 Gallon Reef Tank


It was fortunate timing since my full-house back-up generator went on the fritz and left me and my family without power for six days. Things do happen for a reason and I truly believe the reef gods were looking over my shoulder and guiding me with divine intervention to take that sabbatical. It also had something to do with another passion of mine: skiing. More on that in just a bit.


It was really strange not to have a tank. The house was too quiet without the hum of the equipment and the splashing of the turbulent water in the tank. Something just seemed off. I couldn’t totally keep away as I continued to visit aquarium shops and lurk on reef tank discussion boards such as Reef CentralReef2Reef and Manhattan Reefs. I knew I would be back.


Ok, getting back to skiing. My family and I had a place in Vermont and during the winters we would make the pilgrimage up there on weekends…..a lot. I always did my tank maintenance on weekends so the constant trips began to impact my ability and desire to keep up with the demands of the tank. My corporate job and 4 hour round trip commute to New York City (yes, 4 hours every day!) made it nearly impossible to do my tank chores during the week. So the ski house won out.


Well, some events this past fall led my wife and I to make Vermont our permanent home and reignited my desire to get back into the reefkeeping game and create a business. I began to plan my next piece of reef art with the goal of cultivating premium SPS frags, sharing my educational experiences via a blog and inspiring other hobbyists along the way with photos and videos. And I plan to do a little skiing as well 🙂 A ReefBum in Vermont was born!


You can visit the About section of ReefBum.com for more information about me and my company.


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Happy reef keeping!