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First and foremost, I hope everyone is well and safe during these trying times. I would like to assure you that I am taking every precaution to insure the health of you, the customer. I am being extra diligent about cleanliness and will closely monitor myself for any sign of illness. As a result, my equipment and gear stores will remain open. Shipping for SPS Frags has been suspended until March 1st since overnight shippers are not guaranteeing on time arrival due to COVID. Meanwhile, to help you potentially save money during the crisis I have compiled 5 Money Saving Reef Tank Tips. This is also a great time to enroll in my online Reef Keeping Master Class. Many thanks for the continued support!

Peninsula Tank Build – Cycling The Tank

Peninsula Tank Build – Cycling The Tank February 19, 2021

Good old live rock is not so easy to find these days but there are a couple of places that do sell aquacultured rock. I

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Peninsula Tank Build – Cycling The Tank

Good old live rock is not so easy to find these days but there are a couple of places that do sell aquacultured rock. I […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Going Bare Bottom

I have never had a bare bottom reef tank but that is going to change with this new aquarium. Why, well, strong flow is very important for SPS since it helps to […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Aquascaping

Minimalistic aquascapes have become very popular today and I am certainly a fan of some of the Negative Space Aquascapes folks have created using dry […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Live Rock or Dry Rock?

For years I had always started my reef tanks with live rock and had great success. Live rock comes with a good population of bacteria and you can cycle […]

Peninsula Tank Build – Tank Plumbing

When I setup plumbing for a reef tank I have two things in mind. Make if fail safe over the long haul and design something to make tank maintenance easier.


Hard […]

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Peninsula Tank Build – Royal Exclusiv Dreambox

The sump I chose for my new 225 gallon peninsula tank is a Royal Exclusiv Dreambox. It is made out of PVC and is bullet proof.  I like investing in high-end […]

Peninsula Tank Build – The Custom Aquarium

The largest tank I have ever owned was a 225 gallon aquarium that measured 72”L x 30”W x 24”T. It seemed like a big tank and I was not gung-ho about going […]

Peninsula Tank Build – The Custom Stand

In regards to aquarium stands, my preference in terms of the look is wood. Two main choices exist with this material. You can go with 100% wood or […]