Who likes to gaze at a reef tank containing SPS with bright and vivid colors? I do. Of course there are some best practices one can follow to achieve great colors but SPS coral selection plays a key role. Selection is very personal and there are many, many options out there for reefkeepers to craft a unique piece of reef tank art.


I love solid, contrasting colors in my reef and Stylophoras fit the bill, with colors ranging from purple, bright pink to electric green. Typically, the pink and purple varieties can do well in the upper, middle or lower part of a tank under strong lighting. They are adaptable to different types of lighting and most grow relatively fast, although there are some varieties that grow slow such as this bright pink beauty below.


Purple Stylophora


The electric green version also does well under many different types of lights but it seems to color up the most when exposed to less light in the lower part of the tank. This one can grow really fast when it is happy so I recommend giving it a wide berth when placing it next to other corals.


Green Stylophora


Stylophoras, commonly known as Cat’s Paw corals, are not only colorful but they are hardy as well. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to add one as one of the first SPS to a newborn reef.


So if you want to add a splash of color to your tank then look no further then the blunt tip, finger like Stylophora coral. They are typically much less expensive then designer corals and can be just as colorful. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder!



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Happy reef keeping!