EcoTech Releases Radion G5 LEDs

EcoTech Marine has finally released the Radion G5 LED light fixture. According to EcoTech, Generation 5 includes the most […]

ReefBum Launches Reef Keeping Master Class

ReefBum, LLC is announcing the launch of a unique and one of a kind educational tool to help reef aquarium […]

TRITON Announces New US Lab at Unique Corals

As of this week, reef keepers in the United States can now have their water tested at a new TRITON Lab located at […]

Tank Tours: Pratt Institute

This past November I had the pleasure of attending the 2019 Manhattan Reefs Frag Swap at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. And while I was at the swap I […]

It’s Official: MindStream Monitor Company Out of Business

After seven years of development, including two years of beta testing, and $10 million in investments, Step Ahead Innovations, the company that […]

Why Strong Circulation is Important for SPS

A key factor to keeping a thriving SPS dominated reef tank is having a lot of water movement and there are a number of reasons why strong circulation is […]


If you have an advanced aquarium setup that requires some complicated wiring to connect it to a power source, then the GHL Powerhub-6D-PAB should certainly be considered. GHL, a company that is […]

GHL Releases More Details About ION Director

GHL has just announced more details about the much anticipated release of the ION Director, its latest automated monitoring and control device. […]

Top 5 Reef Tank Maintenance Tips & Chores

Staying on top of maintenance chores for a reef tank is very important when trying to maintain a healthy tank. These regular […]

A UV Sterilizer For a Reef Tank?

Reef keepers have long debated whether the constant use of a UV sterlizer is helpful or harmful to a saltwater reef tank. In essence, a UV sterilizer has a UV bulb in a water tight compartment […]